RSP/DCP Oral History Stories

Work in Progress - Subject to Additions and Modifications


We are indebted to the many individuals who have granted us interviews and generously shared their knowledge of people and places involved in the Dallas Creek Project and the Ridgway State Park Development. After they give written approval, their stories are added to this book and a hard copy of their story is archived in the Ridgway Public Library.

In addition, we thank the many other people who have shared with us their knowledge of the history of Ouray County and especially the Upper Uncompahgre River Valley. We have benefitted greatly from the expert advice and counsel of Rhonda Palmer at the Ridgway State Park; Maria Jones, Glenda Moore, Gail Saunders and Irene Mativi at the Ouray County History Museum; Kristen Moberg at the Ridgway Public Library; Joan Chismire at the Ouray County Ranching History Museum.

We appreciate very much the encouragement and support of Kirstin Copeland, Ridgway State Park Manager and her staff members.

Thank you to all of the people in the region who share our interest in preserving the history and heritage of Ouray County. Particular thanks are extended to Ginny Harrington, Tim Force, Marilyn Cox and Barbara Morss.

Finally, we along with everyone else who has had, or ever will have an interest in the history of Ouray County, are forever indebted to Dr. Doris H. Gregory. Her published books from 1987 to 2003 are invaluable! See Appendix I for an "Autobiographical Sketch” by Doris Gregory and Appendix II for a “Tribute to Dr. Doris Gregory” by Marilyn Cox.