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Uncompahgre River Valley

We are not trained historians or writers, but we have had a keen interest in the history of this area since we moved to Log Hill Mesa (LHM) in Ouray County in late 1990.

Since 2000 we have done history studies and oral history interviews with the families of the early settlers on LHM. We have published those stories in a book titled: “Log Hill Mesa - Past and Present” and on our Website:

In 2011 we shifted our interest to the history of the Upper Uncompahgre Valley form Ridgway to Billy Creek which includes the Ridgway Dam and Reservoir in the Ridgway State Park. We have published those stories in a book titled: “The Ouray Water Gap - The Uncompahgre River Valley from Old Dallas to Billy Creek including The Ridgway Reservoir” and on our Website:

The Uncompahgre Valley from Ouray to Delta is a wondrous blend of scenic beauty, agricultural abundance and unmatched supplies of high quality water for domestic, industrial and agricultural use. There are four seasons of salubrious climate and places of residence.

      The Valley is surrounded by the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison (GMUG) National Forests. These three combined Forests cover 3,000,000 acres of public land and include some of   the most spectacular scenery in the Rockies.


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