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James (Jim) Austin



Broadband is the new resource player. The Crescent Cities have purchased access to match the nation’s fastest data services. This broadband service is attracting one new family a month. Each family brings its own income and job security. Economic development is moving towards economic stability. ELEVATE is the name of the new business, and fiber optic installation is well on the way to all Crescent Cities.

These new families have indicated that they moved to Crescent Cities primarily for the recreation lifestyle, but they appreciate the fast data service and the ability to work with other location neutral business families.

This is a whole new economic development ballgame. New residents are arriving at the rate of one family per month and are finding the most secure Broadband, a world class co-working space, access to the largest wilderness and reasonable living costs all in one place – the GMUG Crescent Cities.

The advent of location neutral, computer based employment is new and growing exceptionally. Economic development is limited only by affordable housing. The goal of increasing area population is going to give way to a process of inviting families that will benefit both the community and the family.

Until now, many Montrose High School graduates who go on to complete undergraduate and advanced degrees could not find GMUG support for their new profession. As young people, their weekends were spent camping, fishing, hunting and skiing. Their new professions created great incomes but very little family outdoor experience. They find that as adults they cannot have both good incomes and access to varied wilderness options. Having left behind America’s largest federally administered forest they were forced to compromise between independence and outdoor renewal.

Today, there is a class of occupations that can have both wilderness availability and good income. These opportunities refer to jobs created by the web-high speed internet access (Broadband). We call these new residents Location Neutral Workers. Over the next 10 years, Location Neutral Workers will make up over 50% of the total worldwide workforce. Location Neutral Workers jobs follow them where they have available secured access to broadband. The Crescent Cities will have abundant Secured Broadband service.



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